Refurbishment Finance - Light, Medium, Heavy 

3 – 24-month facilities 
£100,000 to £2,000,000 
Property refurbishment 
Property conversion 
Milestone Drawdowns 
Simple drawdown structure 
Max of 5 drawdowns 
1st and 2nd legal charge 
Security can be owned by the business or personally 
Personal guarantee’s 
Interest serviced or retained 


All LTV’s are based on Open Market Values 
Light Refurb 70% 
Medium Refurb 65% 
Heavy Refurb 65% 
Additional Security 
Land with full planning permission 65% 
Residential property < £1 Million 75% 
Residential Property > £1 Million 70% 
Commercial Property < £1 Million 70% 
Commercial Property > £1 Million 65% 


Set-up fee from 2% 
Monthly interest rate from 1% of gross loan 
Exit Fee 1% 
Interest serviced or retained 
Lenders legal fees and valuation fees to be paid by the borrower 
Monthly monitoring fees (if applicable) paid for by the borrower 
Capital can be repaid adhoc with no penalty (on the sale of each property) 
Interest paid on the highest balance outstanding in the month 

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