Rates from 0.95% / Month 
Up to 24 months 
Borrow up to 75% Loan to Value 
Fast completion 
1st or 2nd legal charge 

Bridging Loans 

Arranging mortgages can be costly in terms of time, bridging loans can bridge the time gap between property purchase and a mortgage product being available. A bridging loan can be from 3-24 months and can help businesses purchase commercial or residential property.  

Property Purchase / Refinance 

Purchase or refinance a property quickly and efficiently without long term debt and utilise flexible finance for up to 24 months, with the ability to repay at any time with no penalties and with the option to pay the interest monthly or at the end of the term. 

Property Refurbishment 

Looking to buy a property to flip for profit? WCF can help not only with the purchase but also the refurbishment works which can be used for anything from redecoration and aesthetics to electrical or even drainage works. 

Auction Finance 

Auction finance can be used to purchase a multitude of different properties from Commercial, Residential, Semi Commercial, Mixed use, HMO’s and Land. Even if the property is unmortgageable we may be able to help. We can give you a “hunting” pot available for you to bid at any auction. 

Below Market Purchase 

If you are looking to purchase a property at below market value (also known as a transaction under value) WCF can assist. 

Secured Business Loan (short term) 

Secured Business loans can use business property or personal property to underpin the security. The loan can be used for any business purpose and is often cheaper than most unsecured loans. Most businesses use this for: 
Stock Funding 
Plant & Machinery Purchases 
Cash Flow 
Contract Funding 

Hunting Fund 

A Hunting Fund is a pre-approved facility allowing the confidence to make offers on properties with the knowledge the purchase will be funded subject to a suitable valuation. The contribution can be made in a cash contribution or with additional security pledged, which would allow 100% funding. 

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